Dogs in the City

The first thing to check before starting any adoption process is to make sure that dogs are allowed in your building. This will prevent you from conflicting with your landlord if you are a renter and then separate from your pet.

Past these few checks, then comes the choice of your dog. When looking to own a dog in an apartment, we obviously think about its size and weight first.

Obviously, we must first favor small models especially if you must take the elevator to access your apartment.

Some dogs are difficult to train so it is preferable to choose for an easy to train and barking dog, to live in harmony with its neighborhood. A dog that barks a lot can be very problematic, just as a dog difficult to master can be awkward in the common areas of your building.

Here are 5 dog breeds that combine all these qualities of apartment living:

Le Cavalier King Charles

Known for its joie de vivre and discretion, the Cavalier King Charles is the ultimate companion dog, perfect for living in an apartment.

Note, he gets along very well with the children.

Coton de Tulear

Qualified as “true clown”, Coton de Tulear is, in essence, a pet dog. He can very well live in an apartment, as long as his master is often within reach of caresses and games.

The English Bulldog

Under his appearances of not practical molosse hides, in fact, a real lamb always in demand of cuddles and slightly lazy. It is also a very clean dog. The French Bulldog also adapts to living in an apartment.


The name “Bichons” includes 4 types of dogs: Maltese, Bolognese, curly and Havanese. All of these breeds are very intelligent and easy to train.

The Japanese Spaniel

Playful and always cheerful, the Japanese Spaniel is ideal for people looking for an easy going and miniature dog.

Of course, any adoption must be carefully considered. Taking responsibility for an animal is not an insignificant act because it engages you for several years.

Do not hesitate to ask a veterinarian or breeder for advice in order to make the most suitable choice for your lifestyle.

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