The Strongest Dog In The World

It’s hard to decide which dog would be the strongest in the world. Several characteristics impart great strength to a dog, such as his build or the strength of his bite.

The strong dog has a power but it should never be an excuse for fighting. They have to be educated since childhood with positive reinforcement and bring them all the love and affection they deserve. A dog will be dangerous only if his master wants it to be.

If you want to know the strongest breed of dogs in the world, by certain characteristics, continue reading this article.

The strongest dog by weight and size:

The stoutness of a dog is a key factor when measuring strength. The bigger and heavier he is, the stronger he will be. The heaviest dog in the world is the English mastiff, whose weight can reach up to 100 kg.

There are other breeds of dogs that can also reach 100kg, like the Japanese Tosa, but this is a special case and its actual average weight is lighter than that in general.

In addition to being very large dogs, English Mastiffs are strong dogs with a prominent head and mandible that impress a lot.

The strongest dog by bite:

Besides body build, when deciding which dog is the strongest in the world, the strength of the bite is also a key element. Starting from this principle, we can distinguish two races whose bites are really hard:


The whole Mastiff family has an absolutely impressive bite force.


This breed has a very powerful head, mandible, and stroke that makes its bite absolutely huge, equal to that of the mastiff.

The strongest dog in the world:

Shepherd of Anatolia

Combining all the above features, the Anatolian Shepherd is the strongest dog in the world for us. This is a mastiff from a cross between an English Mastiff and another race.

It can be up to 100kg and its head and mandible are really huge, giving it a very powerful bite force. It is a proud dog that has been used for years as a sheepdog to protect herds from wolves and other predators.

It is also very quiet with the sense of family, if it is well educated since very small, it will be the ideal dog for a family, with or without children.